Light Patch Design Cactus Peridot Expand

Light Black Crystal GG Sticker Letters Patch Cry



Light Patch Abecedario Letters GG with real Black crystals Cry. Sticker adhesive fabric with real crystals, applicable on all surfaces. 1 pack contains 1 design. Measure 5 cm x 5 cm

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Chiuso per Ferie dal 23/12 al 01/01 - Le spedizioni riprenderanno dal 02/01/2024
Chiuso per Ferie dal 23/12 al 01/01 - Le spedizioni riprenderanno dal 02/01/2024

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Light patch ® is a real revolution in the field of decorating with crystals. This innovative technology ensures accurate, fast and elegant product membership. The sticker has been designed and patented by the founder of G.S.M., an Italian company specialized in the field of crystals. The Light product patch is based on over twenty years experience in the world of pure crystals and is supported by a constant research in line with the trends and needs of the market.

Light patch is a high quality product with exceptional and extremely bright cut rhinestones. Its ability to adapt to any type of surface makes it resistant to heat, water and other potentially harmful substances.

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Decorate your product with Light patches is very easy, all you can do! Remove the foil, apply it and you will get immediately a gleaming like a jewel! With our simple explanations applying Light patch will be a breeze. What makes this product absolutely at the forefront is the same simplicity of removal: easy to take off, leaves no signs of wear and keeps the surfaces clean. You can then decorate again your


Light patch ® is a registered trademark