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Preciosa Hotfix Rhinestone Online

On MyRenty you will find a wide range of branded Hot Fix rhinestone Preciosa. Preciosa Hotfix Rhinestone for sale Online and-finally-easy to apply and durable! Firmly fixed and enduring the rhinestones to clothing, accessories, fabric, leather and much more. Create clothes, bags, accessories. Attaches rhinestones. Treasure thou. Use the rhinestone transfer wherever you want. Do not wear limits.

If you're wondering how to use the rhinestone transfer, you've come to the right place. It's very simple. Put the rhinestones, cover with a handkerchief and walk slowly the iron. Hot, I recommend. Not hot. Otherwise burn rhinestones ... or the fabric on which you're applying. If you then have to do precision work very very very accurate or do not like doing it with iron ... then you can also buy Rhinestone applicators

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