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Leader in its field, GSM manufacturer and distributor of "MYRENTY" was founded in Carpi in the early 90's by Giuliano Rossi with his sons Massimiliano and Stefano, who stubbornly wanted to specialize in the production of machinery for applying hot fix rhinestones.
The goal was to satisfy the market demand for the distribution of crystals to be used in the creation of clothing and fashion accessories.

Thanks to the dedication, the pursuit of excellence and innovation, crystals and rhinestones hot fix are used in several areas: clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, jewelry and home decor. Chosen by important names in the fashion industry for their high quality create such great objects of desire in the world.

The goal of GSM was to bring home or sports association to each mom a rhinestone machine, rhinestone applicator called "MYRENTY" to decorate the beautiful body for figure skating race, racing body for dance, racing clothes for dance, body by artistic gymnastics competition at low cost but using industrial technology to date proposal in the world.

The desire to create beautiful body race created just for some professional athletes today is possible thanks to the machine for rhinestone "MYRENTY", giving you the chance to fix rhinestones to any amateur athlete making home their rave body thanks to our technology.

GSM is the best in the design and construction of plants for industries and today especially for mothers and their small and great athletes thanks to "MYRENTY."